Tap into our knowledge and expertise

All RSCS clients receive our full support and experience when addressing their hardware or software needs.

We work hard to fully understand your individual requirements and provide solutions tailored to those needs – taking into consideration any other external influences which may be playing a part on the end decision (such as budgets, corporate strategy and end-user technical ability for example) – which is why our prices will always remain competitive in today’s markets.

No obligation to buy from us

Our clients are not obliged to purchase their hardware of software from us, but we would always encourage a consultation before any items/ licences are purchased so that we can identify any configuration or compatibility problems. Once you’ve purchased the items, you simply need to call and we’ll work with you to set everything up.

Here for all your Hardware and Software needs

We’re able to┬áto supply and install most software or hardware requirements including (but not limited to) the following:

  • PC’s / Macs – either as complete units or replacement parts
  • Servers
  • IT infrastructure – wiring/ cabling / monitors / keyboards
  • Office software including Anti-virus and security
  • Networking equipment

Looking For Corporate IT Support?

Benefit from our experience and keep your IT infrastructure performing
for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department.

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