Remote Assistance

Remote assistance can be thought of as ‘help without physically being there’. Whether this be over the phone or by securely logging into your PC / Laptop to implement a fix or improvement, remote assistance allows us help more customers – faster.

We’re ready and waiting for you to book some virtual assistance where we will use the power of the internet to login and fix your IT issues – right in front of your eyes!

Remote Assistance can help with:

  • Software issues
    • Most software Upgrades
    • Common error Messages
    • Slow Device speed
    • Laptop Battery life reduced
  • Virus issues
    • Virus cleansing
    • Anti-virus
    • Data Recovery

Due to the restrictions we have via remote access, we may not be able to help with:

  • Hardware Issues
    • Part replacement
    • Physical Upgrades
    • Device Repair
  • General Problems
    • Major Error Messages
    • Some Software updates
  • Virus issues
    • Ransomware
    • Some Data Retrieval
  • Software Issues
    • BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)

Instant IT Support when you need it the most

Although not applicable for all situations, virtual IT support provides almost instant access to resolve your IT issues without having to worry about travel time, fuel or getting lost!

Simply download our software onto your device, book yourself a timeslot (below) and tell us what’s wrong. We will login at the allotted time and resolve your problem with no hassle or fuss.

FREE No-obligation quote if we can't peform the repair online

It costs a flat fee of £22.50 to book a 30 minute remote assistance slot. If we are unable to complete the fix online, then we will be in a great position to furnish you with a quote to complete the work.
If you pay your £22.50 fee and we are unable to help remotely because it’s something that can only be repaired by physically being present, we will deduct your fee from the total for the job – so you won’t overpay!

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