Network Maintenance

It’s imperative that you invest in maintenance of your IT infrastructure to keep everything running at peak performance. Even slight drops in performance are magnified in today’s technologically-driven economy – with very real-world consequences for not keeping on top of daily/weekly/monthly and yearly maintenance tasks.

Whether you need disk management on one or a network of devices, anti-virus upgrades, part replacement/improvement or complete life-cycle management – we can help.

Remote monitoring

When it comes to IT, your reaction time can often dictate the financial outcome of a situation. Whether it be alerting everyone not to open an email because there is a virus attached, or getting a new part delivered and installed back into your infrastructure quickly after an asset failure – the outcomes of both improve inline with your reaction speed.

That’s why it’s important to have 24/7/365 monitoring of your IT network and all the assets within it. Get alerted as soon as something happens and react instantly to system critical situations – to minimize the fallout such situations can create.

Prevention of system failures is much better than a cure...

RSCS is able to provide a range of services for the systematic monitoring and maintenance of your network and IT infrastructure:

  • Network health monitoring
  • System critical network issues
  • Operating system and software upgrades and licence reviews
  • Backups and recovery management
  • Asset repairs / replacement

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